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Dopplereffekt (live)


Inimitable electro duo Dopplereffekt are one of the most mysterious and consistently challenging entities in electronic music. Originated by Gerald Donald, one-half of Drexciya and also performing as Heinrich Müller/Der Zyklus/Japanese Telecom/Arpanet, Dopplereffekt recently resurfaced with 2013′s Tetrahymena EP on Leisure System as well as the wildly well-received split Hypnagogia 12″ with Objekt, also on Leisure System. Moving from their earlier electro sound into otherworldly synth experiments, Dopplereffekt inhabit an unique contemporary sonic world, with their arpeggiated melodies and one-of-a-kind visual show fitting as well in seated art spaces and non-traditional venues as a unique twist to major club nights or festival stages.